Okay, We Get It, Everyone Supports Ben Affleck For BATMAN

Ben Affleck is Batman. We have known this for a very long time now. Even though there is nothing that we can change or do about Batfleck, everyone and their mother assume that their opinion is important about whether or not they like him as the roll. Recently Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, spoke out in praise for Affleck, even calling him perfect.

“Ben is perfect for the vision Zack has for that character, tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it for a while. The fact that you saw such a passionate response in the blogosphere is really kind of a testament to the love that people have for this character” -Kevin Tsujihara

Tsujihara now joins the ranks of many others in the pro-Ben camp including Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Joss Whedon, and more. Seriously though, none of their opinions matter. Matt Damon is close friends with Ben, Tsujihara better be behind Ben as Batman because he has millions of dollars riding on it, and what are Jackman and Whedon supposed to say? That they think Affleck is a bad actor? They can’t call out a man they could easily work with someday, he is their peer and has a couple Oscars to his name.

I am not a big supporter of Affleck as Batman, and I don’t pretend to be. But I am so tired of people in the media either praising or bashing him over this. He deserves his shot, and a new story every week about some big name actor’s opinion is getting absolutely obnoxious. Maybe Ben is great, maybe he bombs. We won’t know for almost 2 years! 2 f^#$ing years. If every week til then we get a different person’s take on it, we will all be so burnt out about it that it won’t matter how good or bad he is, we just will be done with it.

Source: Yahoo