Oh Shell — New NINJA TURTLES Trailer!

That’s right the heroes in the half-shell are back for another round of big screen shenanigans. I know there are many out there that aren’t looking forward to this but man this new trailer, as a Ninja Turtles fan, sold me. I’d say the visual style is different but the heart definitely remains the same.

Don’t believe me? Just watch and see for yourself.

There’s a few things made clear here, the Shredder has a bit of an evolution with a highly complicated outfit that updates his more traditional samurai look. The Ninja Turtles have been fighting the Foot for years, and you know what? They’re having fun! At some point Raphael is going to have to save his brothers and Splinter is going to get injured. But thankfully even with the heavier moments there’s personality. My biggest gripe: there wasn’t any mention of pizza…

Ninja Turtles New Trailer 01 Ninja Turtles New Trailer 04 Ninja Turtles New Trailer 03 New Ninja Turtles Trailer 00 Ninja Turtles New Trailer 05

So what do you think? Is this another case of Hollywood destroying our fond childhood memories? Or is there some hope for this flick?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arrives in theaters August 8th, 2014. It’s directed by Jonathan Liebesman and stars Megan FoxAlan RitchsonNoel FisherJeremy HowardJohnny Knoxville, Pete Ploszek, Tony ShalhoubDanny Woodburn and William Fichtner.

SOURCE: Youtube

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