MARVEL Beats NOLAN’s Interstellar… Because Marvel’s Better

Get comfy in the back seat, Nolan, because Marvel’s taken over.

Big Hero 6, the Disney/Marvel collaboration, took the top box office spot this weekend with $56 million, besting Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi flick Interstellar. While this isn’t entirely unexpected (animated films always conquer the November box office), Nolan’s films don’t usually take second place. Interstellar was never meant to break records, and it certainly wouldn’t have grossed more than Nolan’s previous Batman films, but it’s current $52 million cume is a bit underwhelming.

Big Hero 6 04

Sure, this latest Marvel movie was pretty damn good.  It totally deserved to win the box office blowout.  BUT… Interstellar was actually pretty disappointing. Nolan’s style, his melodramatic characters and his pompous narrative, typically succeeds. But not here. Critics and audiences both blasted the movie for its ‘self-important’ vibe. Which certainly doesn’t indicate that the entire movie sucks, but instead that we’re tired of gobbling up Nolan’s righteousness. I can only handle so many themes from “Social Philosophy 101” before my brain melts from faux-intellectualism.

I hope Nolan changes it up. Let the melodrama die. Let’s see something new.

Not his planned 007 project, though.  I’ve already seen enough of Nolan’s ‘super spy’ antics in The Dark Knight.   The current James Bond already has a handle on everything, anyways.  No, Nolan, I’d love for you to tackle something unique.  Perhaps another period piece, like The Prestige.  I’ve just finished reading the latest volume of The Cemetery of Forgotten Books.  That series, set before/during/after Spain’s Civil War, would be a great mystery romp with Nolan at the helm.  Instead of addressing large philosophical questions, he could focus on minutia of drama (personal loss and all of that jazz).

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