New GOTHAM Character Posters Are Absolutely Stunning

Fox’s Batman prequel series Gotham is still a few months away, but the marketing is chugging along. In addition to running previews for the show during every other commercial break in their primetime lineup, Entertainment Weekly has now released eight new character images, along with a new tagline. Check them out!
















Obviously they’ve been touched up on Photoshop, but still, that is some damn good photography! Aside from Fish Mooney, all these characters are well known members of the Batman mythos, although I doubt that causal fans have heard of Harvey Bullock before. I guess Sarah Essen, Barbara Kean, Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen don’t get any love. Wait, Alfred isn’t there either! What the hell?!?!

Despite fan reaction still being mixed on the idea of a Batman prequel focusing on everyone other than him, it seems that Fox has a hit on their hands. Early reception for the Gotham pilot has been very positive, and the network feels good enough about it that they ordered an extra three episodes (totaling 16). Still, this could either be amazing or be a complete train wreck. I’m hoping for the former, but we’ll wait and see.

All that aside, I have one complaint: Ivy Pepper?!? Yeah, we’ve known about her name for awhile, but that doesn’t make it any less absurd. What, having a red-headed kid hanging around plants wasn’t enough of an indicator that this is Poison Ivy? You had to be MORE on the nose? Trust me, the general audience would have gotten the hint. Even though, like us, they’ve tried to block it out, they remember Uma Thurman playing her back in 1997.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly