New FALLOUT Fan Film Trailer

The good folks at IGN gave us another story to steal today – this time in the form of a new trailer for a Fallout live-action fan film.

The film is called Fallout: Lost/Found because apparently according to the official synopsis, the film is about “Mika, a frontier tested courier, on a job traversing the post nuclear California wasteland risks it all to protect her precious cargo from the unhinged Colonel Burroughs and his rogue squadron of NCR Troopers.”

But more importantly, that gas mask the main character is wearing is looking really hot. Gas masks are the best kind of headgear and I will certainly overlook everything about this film and only watch it for the gas mask, because gas masks.

For any fans of the Fallout franchise, this short might quench your thirst until they finally make an official Fallout movie. Or until Fallout 4 comes out, whichever comes first.

You can follow the creators on their Facebook page and their official website, because why not?