New Characters are Hooking Up With THE WALKING DEAD

The sixth season of The Walking Dead kicks off this October and to get us all adequately hyped up, Entertainment Weekly have splashed out on some new awesome details about the season regarding three new characters. They’re all from Alexandria (obviously) and they’re all characters from the comics: Dr. Denise Cloyd (Merritt Weaver), Carter (Ethan Embry) and Heath (Corey Hawkins). You may not recognise the second name on that list, which is because he’s not directly ripped from the pages but rather an amalgamation of different characters.


Here’s the character from the comics:

the walking dead comics denise cloyd

I can see it.

“Ethan plays a combo of a few characters that we actually haven’t hit yet or weren’t able to hit in other characters. He is an Alexandrian, and has been there the whole time, just quite busy.”


From the looks of this still, Carter will be delving right into the think of the action with Rick and Morgan, who we know will be clashing in the coming season. Which side is he gonna fall on?

This next one had actually already been announced, but this is just our first look at Heath in the show, a supply-runner for Alexandria.

“He’s terrific and I’m so excited to see him bring Heath to life. It’s been fun and he dove in with both feet. He’s tough and skeptical when the cameras are rolling, and then when they’re off he’s just like a goofy fan. He’s really, really excited to be there.”


Aaand again, here’s the character in the comics:

heath the walking dead comics

Yeah, that’s pretty damn close.

The Walking Dead Season 6 hits October 11th with a 90-minute premiere – so it’s like the first two episodes but now you don’t have to wait a week.