NERD BLOCK: September’s Block Reviewed & Unboxed

What is NERD BLOCK, you may be asking yourself and rightfully so.  The company has only been around for a year, but have grown considerably in that time.  For $19.99 plus shipping ($8.75 to Canada, $9.50 US and $12.50 world wide) you get some cool schwag sent right to your door.  My wife and I had a pretty good time opening it all up. 100_0919 One of the key items in this month’s box was FUNKO’s TMNT papercraft playset.  This pack consists of all the turtles as well as; Splinter, Shredder, a Foot Soldier and a sewer and pizzeria background as well as the iconic Turtle van. I brought this over to a friend’s house for their daughter who absolutely loved it.  The cardboard is very sturdy and the figures themselves are pretty easy to put together.  While I was nice and shared, I could have easily set this up at my desk and enjoyed the distinct style of it. 100_0922 A Marvel Mega Blocks Blind Bag was also included this month.  I picked up and constructed Venom.  Not a bad figure to get.  He currently resides in my liquor cabinet defending my vodka from guests. 100_0914 NERD BLOCK gave me Syphilis, and I shared it with my wife.  But I am not done yet.  This cute little plush STD, which has the disease’s full History on its tag has a date with the blind Santa gift exchange at my place of employment.  He’s going to be boxed with a shot of rum and will be the most memorable gift of the evening.   100_0924 A T-Shirt every month, that is one of NERD BLOCK’s greatest enticements, and this month was a damn cool one at that.  The Image of Star Lord’s Awesome Mix tape takes up the majority of the graphic and the rest is filled with in jokes from both the film and Marvel’s expansive universe.  I tried to search out this shirt online and couldn’t find it anywhere.  This was definitely a highlight of the block for me.  Shirts are available in unisex, mens, or womens.  100_0915A brain shaped stress ball to celebrate the company’s one year anniversary.  This feels like it may be a little too telling.  While pretty small this stress ball is pretty tough, and I say this as a person who has broken quite a few of these over the years.
100_0917 A blind box of Scribblenaugts Unmasked.  Like the Marvel Mega Blocks before it this was a product I didn’t know existed, but now Wonder Woman is in the liqueur cabinet guarding the Rum.

kevin-smith-october-nerd-blockNext month Nerd Block classic is teasing that Kevin Smith will be involved in choosing the items for October, which is an odd piece of news.

So is all this worth 30 dollars, that is up for you to decide.  To me as a busy fanboy there is a definite allure to having a box of cool stuff just show up every month, but the price does add up over time.  If you have a fanboy with a birthday coming up though and aren’t sure what to get him/her a NERD BLOCK subscription may be a cool idea.