My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ‘Too Many Pinkie Pies’ Review

With Friendship is Magic, the seasons like to open up with an action adventure two-parter, then go back to the ‘slice of life’ story telling. That is what the show is famous for, its stories set in the lives of these Ponies. Pinkie Pie is a fan favorite, (then again, they all are) and for the most part she’s the most funny of the group and provides the best comedic moments. Sometimes she COULD come off as rather annoying however, such as in The Last Roundup. Now in this episode we have clones, lots and lots of clones of her. I wasn’t expecting a fantastic episode, but it ended up surprising me. It’s definitely one of the most entertaining of the series yet.

Here’s the official episode description from The Hub:

Overwhelmed with making the difficult decision to choose just one friend to spend time with, Pinkie Pie avoids making the choice by using a magic mirror pond to clone herself. Her plan goes awry when she cannot keep track of all the duplicate Pinkies.

It starts out pretty cool enough, with Twilight attempting a new spell. Basically, she wants to turn an apple into an orange. Right when she shoots the beam, Pinkie bangs into her, sending the beam off course, striking a bird, which was minding its own business. (Yes, the bird is turned into an orange, and it’s awesome.) Now Pinkie wants to hang out with all her friends, but they are doing things at the same time. She wants to hang out with Applejack whom is having a barn raising, and Rainbow Dash, whom is chilling by the lake. That puts her in a dilemma. How can she choose which friend to have fun with? (Yup, we get a nice moral at the end in the form of a letter to Princess Celestia.) So she decides that if she can’t be in two places at once, well, why not make a clone? So she journeys into the Everfree Forest and goes into the Mirror Pool, and there is when things get interesting.

First off, the idea of a clone is a pretty good one, and Pinkie Pie is the obvious choice for an episode. Interestingly, the clone retains Pinkie’s hyper personality (and doubles it, try to picture that for a second) but not her memory. The writing is as strong as ever, one of my favorites parts was near the beginning when Rarity unveiled her new dress and Pinkie, not in reference to the dress, shouts “This is terrible!” Then Rarity responds “I admit it’s not my finest work, but I..” The writing in this show never fails to produce a smile on the viewer. I also like when Pinkie is telling her clone how she was thinking Rarity could make matching t-shirts that say ‘Team Pinkie.’ (Well played.) Then of course there’s the always adorable Fluttershy saying to the clone how she knew she promised not to have any fun today, but couldn’t help herself because her critter friends wanted to have a picnic. (Yes, even a bear, which I’m assuming is the one she fixed his back for back in Lesson Zero is there.) Soon after Pinkie realizes she’s going to need a couple of more clones if she wants to be everywhere at once. However, the clones think more would be better, so they start making clones themselves! Pretty soon a whole army of Pinkies are made. I don’t think the other Ponies are surprised enough to see so many, or one for that matter, but it’s nothing big. Later we see a rather depressed Pinkie, which is an interesting change of pace as we, the viewers, feel sad for her.

Overall, this was a very fun and entertaining episode. Pinkie Pie is at her finest, proving she can lead an episode once again. That’s not to say the other Ponies don’t get some good character moments, we do see Twilight acting hardcore in the plan to find the real Pinkie. And there’s also what might be the greatest joke in the show yet, when a clone says to another “Bet you can’t make a face crazy as this!” Then her face morphs into something resembling a Pony from the original generation. It’s a funny poke at the old My Little Pony for older fans. All in all, a nice episode after the epic Crystal Empire two-parter. (I’m surprised there wasn’t a duet with Pinkie and her clone, it would have made one fast paced song.)