My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic “Made in Manehattan” Review

Today in New Jersey was Old Bridge Day. Across the nation however was pony day because not only has the new episode aired, but also the third Equestria Girls film. (Tune in tomorrow for the review of that!) Rarity had the starring role in the last two episodes, so it was surprising to see her in another one. Though, this one is equally an Applejack episode. The two’s last team-up was in “Simple Ways,” and as established way back in Season 1 putting the two together equals a lot of fun dialogue. This episode finally brings the Cutie Map back. (It’s been so long I had forgotten it’s supposed to be Season 5’s plot.) “Made in Manehattan” was for sure solid. It’s not one of the best but still an enjoyable adventure in Manehattan.

Here’s the official description from Discover Family:

Applejack and Rarity are called to Manehattan to solve a friendship problem, and find themselves helping Coco Pommel with a major project in her neighborhood. The three soon discover that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.


Manehattan always makes for a fun setting. It was only a dream when it was talked about and shown in flashbacks in the early seasons. “Rarity Takes Manehattan” is still the definitive city story (and also one of the best episodes overall) so it was nice seeing an aspect of that return in today’s episode: Coco Pommel. It’s a shame she isn’t more of an ongoing character. (Of course, a big shout out to Cathy Weseluck for another fantastic voice portrayal.) So on the main story, the dialogue between Applejack and Rarity has some great moments, but lacks in the first half. This is mainly due to Applejack not adapting to city life. If this were her first appearance this might be fine. But she’s been in Manehattan before, so the dialogue didn’t make sense and was strange to watch.

Rarity nicely sums up the message in the end. Basically, to make a difference it doesn’t have to be something on a grand scale. We often overlook the fact that doing little things can also make a difference in the home, the community, the nation, and the world. Simply being nice to others, showing patience and genuine interest in them are ways one can make a difference. In the context of the episode, we have Applejack building a stage. This serves the community of Manehattan, bringing the citizens closer. I’m really glad Rarity also mentioned about this, because without that statement Applejack’s role could have been given to anypony.


Overall, this was another solid episode. Rarity and Applejack always make for a fun pair, though Noelle Benvenuti doesn’t take  advantage of it as much as she could have. Still, I love the way she has Rarity deliver the endgame moral. As I’ve often told others, it’s really the simple things that we can be doing more of which make a difference. Also, it was of course great to see Coco Pommel again. Hopefully the show won’t wait another year to bring her back again!

  • +Return of Coco Pommel
  • +Great message
  • -Strange dialogue for Applejack