Thank Gawd! Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the two talented scribes attached to Captain America 3, have debunked the MODOK rumors that’ve circulated the web for the past few months. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one of the best, most genre-breaking flicks I’ve seen in a while, and I want nothing more than an equally awesome sequel with equally awesome villains. Which means NO MODOK!!!

Here’s what the writing duo had to say:

modok captain america 3

Christopher Markus: That’s a little tricky because some of them are theoretically very good. Some of them have great concepts but are really tough to pull off visually. Like Flag-Smasher who wants to destroy nations, and that’s a terrorist and seems like a guy you could work with, but he literally has a cape and flies on flying skies, and then you’re like, ‘Ok, do we take away everything?’ and then he’s just a guy and we’re not fully portraying the character. They’re tricky to bring across. I always wanted to do MODOK., but it seems like we’re leaving our grounded political arena way behind when you’ve got a giant floating head on a rocket chair.

Stephen McFeely: Exactly!

Christopher Markus: I’ll do it one day, I’m telling you people!

As long as MODOK, that flying fat face-in-a-chair, is omitted from Captain America 3, I’ll allow any villain. Even the inevitably cheesy return of Red Skull. I know that’ a pretty heinous statement, especially considering my frequent diatribes against Hugo Weaving’s version of the character, but any baddie is better than MODOK. He’s just so dumb! Like… giant head in a hovering Lazy Boy types of dumb!