3 Concerns, 2 Signs of Hope and 1 Thing Missing From Bay’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

I want this movie to be good but with the teaser trailer out for the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle flick’s impending release I have two major concerns with the footage revealed and they tie together very clearly.

TMNT Trailer

First Raphael slamming into a military jeep and destroying it, so the turtles are now stronger than armored military grade weaponry. With this is mind how the hell can Shredder be an imposing foe, especially when played by William Fichtner, is an interesting choice to embody Oroku Saki. (I’m glad there wasn’t a huge fan outcry like when Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall or Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm) And the shot we have with him staring at the suit fills me with a Silver Samurai a la ‘The Wolverine’ style dread. Well that and a Hooper X style fan boy rant about crusty old white guys beneath a villain’s mask.

TMNT Trailer1

Of lesser concern is April O’Neil as played by Meagan Fox. While I have never enjoyed her performance in anything, in fairness she’s never been given anything to actually do.

TMNT Trailer2

The two positives for the released material are the new look of the turtles, as pretty well captured in the new line of figures coming out.

TMNT Trailerb

The other is this shot of a trench coated turtle, it just makes me feel all nostalgic for my old Donatello in Fedora and Trench coat figure and the Raphael Vs Casey Jones fight in the original.

TMNT Trailer11

What’s missing is Casey Jones. I’m not saying he’s a necessary player but the two best Turtle movies feature him in a prominent role.

CAsey Jones

Am I being too pessimistic, or not pessimistic enough let me know.