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This week’s episode of MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD, “The Girl In The Flower Dress, ” was fiery in more than a few ways.  A new mutant, some more Extremis, and Centipede making a return appearance.  This weeks episode took place mainly in Hong Kong; with a little jaunt to Austin, Texas.  I thought it was a great episode for getting some crap out of the way; which may allow us to get some reveals on some more juicy tidbits.


“The Girl In The Flower Dress” opened in Hong Kong with a street performer who turns out to be more than that; after a small demonstration of his real (pyrotechnic) skills, the maybe mutant (played by Louis Ozawa Changchien, from Predators and The Bourne Legacy) goes off with our title lady, Raina (played by Ruth Negga, she made World War Z just a little hotter).  Mr. Chan, our performer, demonstrates his power for Raina and is abducted for his troubles.  Won’t mutants ever learn?  Cut to the SHIELD plane and everyone’s favorite team; where the team learns of a hack at a Hong Kong SHIELD base.  The hack was done by the Rising Tide and concerned the info that led to Mr. Chan’s abduction and cue the ominous music…the info raid was performed by the Rising Tide.  Instantly Skye is blamed (this has been coming for awhile) and she swears to trace it and prove her innocence.  We also learn that SHIELD keeps a list on people and items with power and that there are SHIELD Power Protocols (this might prove eventful later in the series).  With Skye tracing the breach we cut back to Mr. Chan waking up in a luxurious bedroom.  Raina informs him they just want to help; make him stronger, make people know his name – his new name, Scorch.  And since Scorch never read a comic book he is all for it.


In the meantime, Skye found the source of the hack in Austin, Texas and the team hightails it for the west.  The sting is set but the target, Miles Lydon (searched and searched and could not find a credit for this actor, I didn’t even recognize him from anything) gets away to a house where Skye is waiting for him.  She is royally pissed at Mr. Lydon and tells him there was to be no contact when she joined SHIELD.  It turns out Skye and Miles are lovers and after kissing and making up (looking good Chloe Bennet), Skye explains she has not found what she was looking for yet.  And then Agent May shows up to bust our sexy, erstwhile hackess.  This was bound to happen, Skye was a back and forth character since day 1, but don’t give up hope on her yet fanboys.  Getting back to Scorch, Raina and her evil (yet sexy) friend Dr. Debbie (played by Shannon Lucio) have used Mr. Chan for what they need and are getting ready to dispose of him.  Apparently his blood (which is fire resistant) helped the mysterious Centipede group to further their formula for their Extremis serum.  For the record, I still believe that Centipede and Extremis all go back to Hydra (which would be a nice set up for a Captain America cameo).  Back on the SHIELD plane the team has put together the scenario and are on their way to save Scorch in Hong Kong.  En route it comes out that Skye’s boyfriend was selling information; huge no-no for Skye.  I never bought all out traitor for Skye; Miles even kept telling her she was different during their ‘interview’ on the plane.  Coulson has a moment with Agent May where he admits he might be different after taking an alien staff through the heart.  They can’t quit teasing us with this; please I need the reveal – please be Vision, please!!!

The SHIELD Team infiltrates the building to rescue Scorch and of course trouble ensues.  Skye and Miles have to help and it turns out Scorch is a little burned out (pardon the pun) from his experience with Extremis and CentipedeMr Chan burns up not-so-poor Dr. Debbie and goes after Coulson and May as well.  The Girl In The Flower Dress, Raina, gets away.  Miles is left in Hong Kong with a bracelet that lets SHIELD track him and also keeps him from using electronics.  Skye sits down with Coulson and she finally reveals her big motive.  She is looking for information on her family because she has nothing but a letter redacted by SHIELD.  Agent Coulson said he could help her and gave Skye a bracelet just like the one Miles was given.  Raina makes one more appearance at a jail asking a man to find the Clairvoyant for her and ask him about Extremis.  A new mystery character, and possibly a mutant.  Sounds very intriguing.


The first thing I have to say is Skye is cool.  She is going to be a huge part of the team (and show) and now that her drama is out of the way we should have some great things in store.  More villains or mutants, more reveals and maybe some other team members getting fleshed out.  This episode put Fitz and Simmons on the back burner a bit.  Maybe now we will see Centipede revealed and Extremis up front and maybe some more kick-ass cameos.  Episode 5 was about clearing up the clutter and moving forward.  I have a feeling over the next few weeks SHIELD will be moving fast with lots of cool fanboy stuff being thrown at us.  You saw the preview for next week (see it here if you missed it)?  Looks pretty spooky.  Can’t wait to see what is around the corner for my favorite show.  Fingers crossed on Hydra and Vision!!!


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