Marvel Just Released a Thanos Pic and No One Noticed

In Marvel’s hustle & bustle for Guardians of the Galaxy, they’ve released a few dozen pieces of promo art, and shot of Thanos found its way into the pile. While nothing too crazy (or high quality, for that matter), any Thanos is better than no Thanos, right? Check out this pic of the Mad Titan. He’s that dude hovering over Ronan the Accuser’s shoulder.

thanos guardians of the galaxy

And here’s a closer look.

thanos guardians of the galaxy leak

Nothing too incredible, but like I said, any Thanos is better than no-Thanos. According to Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, the purple tinged villain will only appear in Guardians of the Galaxy for a few minutes. At most, he’ll occupy the same role as Emperor Palpatine from The Empire Strikes Back. Meaning that he’ll appear in the flick, but he won’t be an on the ground threat until, at very minimum, Marvel’s Phase 3.

Although, Joss Whedon’s already revealed that Thanos will play a role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. I don’t imagine Thanos and Ultron are natural allies, as ones a far more terrestrial threat and the other has Cosmic predilections, but these films aren’t exactly known for their fidelity. Whedon could very easily execute a plot device to allow for Team Robot-Titan (as I’ll now refer to the two baddies) to bother Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.