MARVEL Is Gonna Take Over HORROR MOVIES In A Huge Way

Marvel is totally kicking DC’s ass with there massive shared universe that spans Movies, television, and soon, web series (Netflix original shows). How else can Marvel remain on top? By introducing their dedicated audience to heroes that they really don’t have time to give their own movies. How can introduce new heroes? By following Disney’s formula of “shorts” playing before new films, only do it as “one shots.” And with these one shots we can get heroes like Punisher, Blade, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and Werewolf by Night, each joining together later to create a new marvel movie crossover event.  One that totally hijacks the Horror genre. Here’s how each one-shot could go:

The Punisher

punisher cartoon

While trying to take down his newest mafioso victim, Frank Castle narrates his origin story, how he lost his family and why he punishes those who hurt the innocent. As he bursts into his his mark’s home, the Punisher is surprised to see his target ripping the throat out of some chick, with fangs exposed. Thinking he is some kind of alien left over from the attack on New York, the Punisher unleashes a barrage of bullets that don’t seem to affect the villain at all. Without any options left, Punisher attacks with a big ass knife, only for Castle to be overpowered and about to be his target’s next victim, until the monster is struck by some kind of metal spike, that caused him to explode into a cloud of ash and embers. Blade reveals himself and helps Punisher to his feet.



While stalking his blood sucking prey, Blade is shocked to see someone else tracking the undead mob boss. Blade watches quietly only to see the man with the skull on his armor become overwhelmed by Blade’s enemy, Deacon Frost. Blade narrates his past and what he is and does, hunting down vampires, before intervening and killing Frost while saving the one man army know as the Punisher. Blade helps the Punisher up and explains the origin of vampires and how they have been able to remain in hiding for centuries. Blade offers the Punisher a position in The Nightstalkers, but castle declines preferring to work alone. With Frost dead, his lackey’s storm in trying to take down Blade and the Punisher who work together, killing everyone they can before escaping. After they are free, Blade is surprised to see the Punisher has disappeared into the night.

Ghost Rider


The caretaker digs a new grave explaining the origins of the devil’s bounty hunter’s known as Ghost Riders. Just then Danny Ketch arrives on his bike and asks Caregiver for his next target. Caregiver tells Ketch about and stalker of the night known as Blade, who has been wreaking havoc, not only killing the undead, but also those who did not wish to become vampires, and are looking for redemption. Johnny Blaze, steps out and offers to join Ketch as he transforms into the Ghost Rider. The two mount up on their bikes and drive off into the night as caregiver continues to narrate, explain not all the damned are bad, some are looking for redemption and have turned their curse into a blessing, like Ketch and Blaze.

Moon Knight


Marc Spector, a mercenary whose entire team is ambushed and killed, somewhere in Egypt, leaving Spector the only one alive. As he wanders through the desert, Spector stumbles upon an archeological site, where he is met by the Egyptian god Khonshu and is given the silver shroud of the Moon Knight. Transformed, Specter, now Moon Knight is confronted by the same team who ambushed his team, led by Bushman. Moon Knight uses his new powers to dispatch the team, and defeats Bushman once and for all. Now the Moon Knight, Specter has new purpose in life, and vows to use his new powers to protect his home.

Werewolf by Night

werewolf by night

Along time ago, Jacob Russel was cursed by the first vampire, Dracula, who had worshipped the blood god and was given complete power as well as the immortality, as long as he fed on the blood of others. Russel was cursed because he failed to bend to Dracula’s will, and as punishment, Dracula’s sorceress used lycanthropy to turn Russel into a werewolf. After the fall of Dracula, Russel lived a life of solitude, until, most recently he heard Dracula had returned. Hell bent on revenge, Jacob Russel where use his curse against The Lord of the Vampires.

Now with each character introduced, Marvel could move forward with a film about all of them teaming up to fight Dracula, who must now fulfill his deal with the blood god, and become the deity’s physical host. The movie could be done as a cinematic production or a made for TV movie or a straight to Netflix feature. Either way it would be awesome for Marvel to introduce new heroes at the beginning of each of the theatrical features, as one shots, and once each has been revealed, a movie could happen where Doctor Strange joins the Marvel Knights to stop the Blood God from wreaking havoc on earth.