Loot Crate September 2014 Review & Unboxing

Loot Crate is a service that sends themed boxes of Fanboy approved schwag to your door once a month.  For September the theme was Galactic, and included items based around many popular deep space franchises.  Each crate costs 13.37 (plus six dollars in shipping) and we’ll be taking a look at what was included this month.  Past themes have been Heroes, Villains, and Transform.


What caught my eye first was Kinko’s Reaction Alien figure series.  I got the xenomorph, though he is listed simply as the alien on the box.  These figures are cool with an old school vibe, but a sticker price in stores that feels a bit steep in my mind.  Though now I am mighty tempted to go out and get a matching Ripley.


While it seems like a blind box, Loot Crate subscribers received an exclusive Mal Reynolds figure from the Science Fiction Vinyl Figure series.    This little dude is pretty cool and was instantly added to my liqueur cabinet and looks great beside a bottle of Kahlua Liqueur bottle.


Another exclusive item this month was my own tribble.  This little stuffed creature comes in a container with warnings for care, and is clearly labeled as a Loot Crate Exclusive.  While the plush itself is pretty basic its one of those cool items I’d always like, but never buy for myself.


This Loot Crate edition also came with a wide assortment of smaller items.  including; replica currency from Firefly, a Star Wars Exclusive Retro Arcade Magnet mashing up Asteroids with the Millenium Falcon, a sack of pop rocks, A digital download code for the Halo Escalation comic from Dark Horse Comics , and a 9″*27″ Han Solo in Carbonite in poster(not pictured).

So was this particular crate worth the 20 bucks it cost.  That dear reader is for you to decide, my wife and I definitely enjoyed opening it and pawing through its contents.   But we also spend a bit too much time at Newbury Comics going though the officially licensed products.   Personally the Magnet, Reaction Figure and Mal Reynolds were the clear highlights.

Let me know what you think below.