Listen up BUB! Actual WOLVERINE CLAWS Are A Reality!!!

In the world of comics, weapons and gadgets are just as famous as the heroes or villains who wield them. From Batman’s utility belt, Spider-Man’s web shooters, Green Lantern’s ring, to Captain America’s shield, the list is endless. But I can honestly say there is no weapon more iconic, or badass, than Wolverine’s claws. Since his debut in 1974, Wolverine (aka Logan) has been the driving force of tough, anti-authority, antiheroes that arose in American popular culture after the Vietnam War. His brooding nature, cigar smoking (or chewing if you’ve watched X-Men Origins), and willingness to use deadly force became standard characteristics for comic book anti-heroes of the 1980s. But unlike his costume wearing brethren, Logan’s claws are actually part of him. They serve as his tools, his sidekicks, and are a part of who he is, both figuratively and literally.

With The Wolverine coming out next week, the interest in Ol’ Canucklehead is at an all time high. Well comic book geeks and weapon enthusiasts alike can rejoice as the impossible has happened. Man At Arms’ Tony Swatton, a master swordsmith and propmaster who has made weapons for over 200 movies, has made incredibly detailed and functional replicas of the famed claws. Although not made out of the fictional Adamantium (I know what you were thinking), tempered steel serves as a proper substitute. Just watching them in action makes me want to grow some sideburns, hit on redheads and fight some Sentinels. I don’t know if they will ever be on sale, but they’ve definitely been added to Fandom Wish List.

SOURCE: gizmodo