If LANDO was your Neighbor, This is What YOUR WORLD Would Look Like

Canadian based commercial photographer Thomas Dagg is a true artist, and with his free time re-imagined our world through the lens of Stars Wars, creating an intriguing series of 17 photos.  On his creation Dagg stated to Variety;

“The inspiration was always there, really. I had a very overactive imagination as a kid. This was what I saw when I looked around the world. If there was a jogger running, my mind raced back to Dagobah and Luke training, for example. I used a lot of toys/my most prized possessions from back then to composite in, too. It’s very much an homage to my childhood, not just putting popular culture into photographs. It’s funny looking back. I used to doodle ships and things over photographs back then, so when I was finally comfortable enough with the compositing, I started working on the major memories I had. Two years later and I’m happy to finally release them.”

Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-12.01.43-PM 27152-10169945-_TD_5547_jpg1 Untitled_Panorama12 Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-12.01.57-PM


If you want to see the complete Series jump over to Thomas Dagg’s Blog here.