Kim Dotcom Breaks a Chair Gaming

It’s hard to surf the web these days without the constant reminder that MegaUpload has been taken offline and that its founder, Kim Dotcom, has been locked up in a high security American jail. As cool as the military-like raid on his New Zealand estate sounds…I still don’t think Dotcom deserved the bad rap. After all, most of the artists in the music industry supported his website, especially with his new service that would net 90% of profits towards the musicians themselves…which is a good deal more than they make with the current Studio racket.

Enough about the political side of things. I think it’s fair to say that the general public has a mixed opinion when it comes to this whole MegaUpload fiasco, but I think we can all at least laugh at its founder playing video games. That’s right…here’s a video of Kim Dotcom gaming in Hong Kong. He also sits in a chair and breaks it, which is always funny