Kevin Smith Left in Tears After Walking Around STAR WARS EPISODE VII Set

On June 30th, 2014, director and self-proclaimed Star Wars super nerd Kevin Smith posted a pick of himself in tears,on Instagram, after being allowed to look around the Star Wars Episode VII set by long time friend, J.J. Abrams.

Smith wasn’t allowed to disclose anything he saw, of course, because of a NPR form he had to sign, but judging by his reaction and the tagline posted along with the pic, “The Force is WITH this movie.”we can rest comfortably knowing J.J. Abrams and Disney are doing things right!”

What did he see? Was it simply nostalgia of seeing old set pieces from his childhood, like the Millennium Falcon up close, that brought the 43-year old to tears, or did he get to peak at something closer to the story line of the highly anticipated movie? Maybe a quick glance at the treatment? Big things must be happening, and seeing how emotional he was left after leaving the set gives me hope the movie itself will be bada**.


However, if just walking around the set left this grown man in tears, I wonder what reaction longtime fans, and newer fans, will have once they experience the film for themselves in theaters? Will we all be crying like babies, or will we be left with that unfulfilled, empty feeling many fans felt after walking out of The Phantom Menace? Whatever the case, I’m sure we’ll be getting clued in on what they’re doing soon…or at least I hope we do!

SOURCE: Instagram