Jericho may return… on Netflix?

Did you ever hear of a show called Jericho?  Are you among that fanbase that week-in and week-out tuned in to root for the little town that could?  Were you there when it was canceled at the end of its first season, only to be brought back for a second one?  Well Jericho fans, it looks like the show might just have enough gumption to make another play at being the ultimate TV comeback kid.

Netflix has an increased and invested interest in expanding their service to include original programming and following the forthcoming Netflix revival of Arrested Development, the execs over there are eager to emulate and repeat this scenario of events with another canceled show.  So with that in mind talks between Netflix and CBS TV Studios have begun, regarding Jericho.

According to TV Guide:

Talks are still in preliminary stages, and insiders warn that it’s too soon to celebrate, as there are still many hurdles to overcome before a deal is struck. Making it financially viable for both Netflix and CBS may be the biggest challenge of them all. It’s unclear how much more original programming makes sense for Netflix, which is already committed to two seasons of the original Kevin Spacey drama House of Cards (from David Fincher) in addition to Arrested. Also, due to concerns over its subscriber levels, Netflix has seen its share price drop more than 25 percent in the past month.

There are a lot of questions down the road, but the fact that talks are happening should give fans a glimmer of hope.  So all I’ll say is keep your fingers crossed and maybe a miracle will happen.