Jon Favreau, that curly haired Swingers auteur and the director of the first two Iron Man movies, was one of the very first dudes approached for Star Wars Episode 7. Actually, for a brief moment in 2013, Favreau was among the frontrunners, joining Matthew Vaughn and J. J. Abrams as Disney’s favorites. We all know how that story turned out, though, as Abrams was eventually tapped for the role (after a few inspirational conversations with Steven Spielberg). Seriously, the folks at Disney and George Lucas himself desired Abrams so damn much for the coveted director’s chair that they called in a favor to Old Man Spielberg.

But back to the main story…


“I didn’t go after it, but it’s one of those things that, as people would say they weren’t going to do it, and as there were questions coming my way as to my availability… I was really scared of the idea that nobody was gonna [do it], and so if they had come to me, I don’t know how you say no to that thing.”

Could you imagine a Jon Favreau led Star Wars Episode 7? What a bizarre idea? The director creates substantial sci-fi fare, as his efforts with both Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens demonstrates. Although, even though his eye for direction is an A-list trait, if Favreau’s served a mediocre script, he’ll more than likely create a mediocre film. He’s not the all around wizz-banger that either Abrams or Vaughn are, even though his indie writing gigs are stellar.

All of this reminds me, though, that I really REALLY want to see Jon Favreau return to the Iron Man franchise. We all recognize that the first Iron Man flick is one of the greatest in the superhero pantheon, and forget what the Cheeto devouring neckbeards say about its sequel, Iron Man 2 is the BEST Marvel Studios movie to date. Original. Funny. And with the best acting in Phase 1, I want to see more more MORE of that spontaneous and unique film making.

Sign me up for another round, Marvel!

star wars episode 7 poster