Imaginatively-Titled FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Gets Itself a Poster

I really don’t like The Walking Dead for a number of reasons. That isn’t coming from a grumpy by-stander who just hates on the show because that seems to be a popular thing to do nowadays; I was an avid watcher of the first four seasons until I grew bored with it and had to give up. The first season was really good; tense, atmospheric, engaging. That all changed with the much-lamented Season 2 where the characters spent 13 episodes on a farm.

Somewhere in Season 4 I realised the issue was that the show had no drive. It is not an episodic show (there are standalone episodes, however) but rather a serialized one, so there must be a continued story throughout the show. Of course, each season or so has different arcs in it. The prison and the Governor storyline was major throughout Seasons 3-4 and I think right now the group are at a place called Alexandria – but don’t quote me on that.

While it’s fine to have changing plotlines each season, there is no overarching mystery. In Season 1 viewers wanted them to get to the CDC to find out the cause of the zombie apocalypse and we did find out some more information, but since then (certainly during my viewing), that idea has been dropped. This is because the main theme is survival. Fans could argue that that is the drive of the show; the survival of these characters through a post-apocalyptic world. However, after a while that gets dull. Most of the character deaths have just been because of zombie attacks; how long until that gets boring? If the characters were interesting then that would engage audiences, but I never found any of them particularly likeable. To me, it’s a show with no overall story or motivation. It’s ruled by its massive viewership and how it sticks to a form of serialized storytelling when it would probably benefit more from an episodic one. I can’t watch a show like that.

Nonetheless, said massive viewership means that AMC commissioned a spin-off from the show to air this summer – Fear The Walking Dead. They must have spent a while coming up with that title. I haven’t really been following it for obvious reasons, but I know that it’s a prequel and deals with the early days of the apocalypse. That to me is actually quite exciting, and if it’s good then I just might watch it. Maybe. Probably not. Here’s the poster:

fear the walking dead poster

As you can see, fear seems to begin at a carnival by the seaside. Terrifying, isn’t it? Here’s a promo:

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the stuff. Fear The Walking Dead comes out in August. It might be good.