Here’s A Complete Guide To Every Spider-Man In SPIDER-VERSE. You’re Welcome

Thank you, mysterious internet goer named “mmmasian”!!!n Despite whatever sexual innuendos hide within your screename, you’re a pretty decent dude. After all, you went through all the trouble of cataloguing EACH and EVERY Spider-Man from Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Verse event. Based on Spidey’s dalliance with the supernatural, this story finds the murderous villain Morlun on a new Spider-themed purge. He’s set out to kill ever arachnid themed hero within the multiverse and he won’t stop until they’re dead. Dead, dead. Like, Bucky Barnes, err, I mean Batman, errr… Uncle Ben dead. Now that’s a real permanent-type of deceased!

Check out this stunning album below.

I’m suddenly reminded of those classic PS1 Spider-Man games. Despite their lack of free roam, webslinging in that 64-bit landscape was one of the funnest parts of my childhood. Even more fun was the accumulation of different suits. Iron Spider, Symbiote, Captain Universe… the list goes on and on.

Even though the modern Spider-Man games suck hard donkey d, I’d absolutely love to see Spider-Verse adapted into a game. All of those costumes! All of those distinct, genre bending landscapes to swing on! It’d be Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions on roids!!!