Many rip on DC for only now setting up a functioning shared universe, however there’s been one going since 2012 – it just hasn’t been on the big screen.

I doubt people expected Arrow to spawn a scrawling universe; The Flash followed last year and this Fall a new team-up show is coming, Legends of Tomorrow. As well as this, the animated show Vixen will air on the CW’s online streaming service. Pretty exciting, huh? New comics characters are always popping up and today we (well, The Wrap) bring you news that a particular superhero is joining the mix – Hawkman!


“But wait, isn’t that just a Hawkeye rip-off?” Oh, kids. While the names are familiar the characters are pretty different; Hawkman is a winged vigilante who also happens to be the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince, Khufu, whose soul has been reincarnated many times through the centuries. His real identity is Carter Hall, an archaeologist (fitting) who took on the look of the god Horus hence all the wings and gold. The lucky guy who gets to bring this character to life is actor Falk Hentschel – don’t worry, I haven’t heard of him either.


Hentschel has appeared in quite a lot of stuff, from White House Down to Agents of SHIELD. As well as cropping up in Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkman will also appear on Arrow and The Flash, meaning he’s firmly set in the DC TV Universe for now. Will he do a good job? Let’s hope so.

Arrow hits on October 7th with The Flash returning the day before; Legends of Tomorrow, meanwhile, should be on your screens sometime next spring.