HANNIBAL “Buffet Froid” Review

Television has never had this sheer amount of quality scripted shows. Knowing that Hannibal is getting renewed gives people no excuse to settle for the other crap that they tune into every week. From it’s very first episode this show has almost been too good for television. It is a stunning achievement in network tv that should be enjoyed by more viewers than those who are currently watching. This penultimate episode continued to raise the astronomical stakes that Will Graham has been facing. This show demands a lot from it’s viewers due to the plot that twists and turns with each episode. The reason why this show continues to excel is because it takes a deep focus on the relationships of the characters. Delving far into the thought process of a sociopath or someone with a mental illness is not a place that most are willing to venture into. It is also not something people should be afraid of, understanding other people ultimately makes the individual a more well rounded human being. In procedural based show like CSI, the serial killer element is more detached from it’s surroundings. We often are only given a glimpse of what the person is truly like. With Hannibal the viewer can place themselves in the mind of Graham, can they imagine themselves committing a crime the way he does? This is a question that deserves to be asked.

The Doctor was hard at work here meddling with the mind of the special FBI Agent. The way he quietly sneaks through a crime scene is truly astonishing. It would shatter the paranoia of the average human being to a breaking point. Episodes where he does get in the middle of investigations make viewers wonder when Graham will wake up in the middle of the night investigating the crimes of Lector. Perhaps this is part of the reason why he manipulates the fragile psyche that is represented here. The way that the titular character moves the pieces back and forth is enthralling, in fact fans should be on the edge of their seats while watching this.

Oh Dr. Sutcliffe you were doomed from the start. If the good doctor does not deem you as worthy you best run far away. In fact being at the dinner table is a big risk for all parties involved. Sutcliffe explored the man from a new angle than some of the other different characters have. Analyzing him from a professional angle was quite revealing for Lector. Seeing someone like this emotionally naked is the true strength of this show. With one episode left for the season some restraint has to be taken. Diagnosing the fate of the criminal profiler as a real symptom was a bold choice. Hopefully in the coming episodes it will reward the audience and writers creatively. The case of the week handled in the background was the only real complaint of the hour. It proved to be a piece of the sanity falling apart here but it also was not necessary. This was a packed 43 minutes of television that could have used more room to breath. Bringing back the older cases as a bad memory was as effective as it was meant to be. Will has been through so much in the past few months. With all of these acts of violence looming through his head, will he ever truly find peace?