George Lucas, You’re Okay in My Book!

Like the rest of you, we partake in our fair share of George Lucas bashing here at UTF (because, you know… f***ing prequels, man!), but apparently even this franchise destroying monster is capable of doing good. Recently, the ol’ Godfather of Star Wars attempted to construct a gigantic movie studio on one of his many plots of land North of San Francisco (Marin County to be exact), much to the chagrin of his ritzy neighbors. The locals found Lucas’s commercial plans so revolting that they abused their homeowners association and tangled the poor double chinned bastard in years of litigation, simply refusing him the right to develop the land.

Well, since there seemed to be no end to this mess in sight, Lucas recently decided to cave into his snobby neighbors, and he’s abandoned his movie studio concept. Instead, he’ll turn the entire area into a gigantic low-income housing center. That’s right. If there’s one thing uppity, rich neighbors hate more than George Lucas, it’s helping poor people (and dare I say it… living next to them!).

For this act of hilarious charity, I say to you “Good work, Georgie! You’re okay in my book!”

But honestly… midichlorians? Is that the best you could have done?