Geek Makes Fully Functioning IRON MAN Suit. Weapons Not Included

I love the world of Iron Man replicas. From convention cosplay to garage tinkerers, Tony Stark’s suit of armor has inspired a wide world of creatives. Well, one of the most recent suits I’ve seen might be the best. The folks at the The Toolbox Armory, a Youtube Channel, crafted a stunning Mark III or Mark IV suit (let me know which one). Check out that fully functional arc reactor and hand repulsers. Well, fully functional in the sense that they look like the source material. Unfortunately, this geek broheim won’t be flying his armor around downtown Los Angeles. He doesn’t have that type of technology sitting around. I mean, he’s smart, but he’s not Tony Stark!

Check out the vid below:

Iron Man armor is pretty damn cool, but I don’t think I could ever pull it off. All of that gold and red will really clash with my whole ‘brown, bearded, and Bohemian” vibe I’ve been cultivating over the past few years. Well, that’s not really the biggest issues. I d doubt that Iron Man could fit on any part of my body except my forearms and head. I’m a big dude. If that Iron Man armor doesn’t ship in XL, then I’m not buying!