This Is The GAME OF THRONES MOVIE We’ve Always Wanted. 3 Hour of Stannis The Mannis!




Stannis is, in fact, Mannis!!! At least in this Game of Thrones Movie.  He’s the king we deserve, but not the one we need right now. As a book lover, or, rather, a book lover by way of forums, I’ve been burdened with a great deal of admiration for this One True King of Westeros. Unlike all of the other Pretenders, Stannis is a pretty alright dude. He values honor and justice over all else, and ignoring a few dalliances with otherworldy cults, he tends to rule without any perverse ideological flaws.

Of course, the tv show’s version of our dear Baratheon brother is a teeny, tiny bit dumber than the book version. We see so most clearly in his complete submission to the Fire Lord, but the last episode of Season 4 more than made up for that. Well, mostly, at least.

As if Stannis Baratheon couldn’t get any cooler, one diehard fan created this uh-mazing feature length film compiled of every Stannis-centric scene from Game of Thrones. At nearly 3 hours of sheer fun, “Stannis The Mannis” might be the best movie never released in films. For one, it features the greatest protagonist of all time. Second… well, that’s pretty much all that matter. Stannis the damn Mannis leads this fan-edited flick. And it’s awesome.

The creator was kind of a dick, though, and didn’t allow the video to be embed, so click the image below to watch. I’ve embed a fun Stannis vid, in any case. Just in case you wanted a real quick S.B. fix.

stannis baratheon movie