First Song From THE HOBBIT Soundtrack Leaked

We’re a short month (or so) away from the release of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY and the Peter Jackson guided romp can’t get here soon enough!

Nappy, twisted beards. Grumpy, stumpy dwarves. A wizard. A hobbit.

I am in a constant haze of “OhmygodOhmygod!” knowing that this film will finally grace theatres. Well, as you know, the WB’s marketing team has kept a tight grip on any potential leaks, and there just aren’t many great deets to report on the flick.

Except for this. Our friends at Nerd Machine have managed to get their hands on the first full track from Howard Shore’s soundtrack, and it’s utterly f***ing fantastic. We couldn’t wrangle an embed from them, so click through the image link to listen.

So what do you think? The first half is a fair departure from the grand, mystical sound of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, but still epic in its own right.


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