The Fanboy’s Halloween Guide; Part Four Songs to add to your Halloween Playlist

A decent Halloween Playlist for your party isn’t too tricky.  Get a few horror Album scores, maybe one of the many complication sets and you are set.  Maybe you throw on Thriller, Werewolves of London and Monster Mash to mix it up.  You aren’t alone, but you can do better.  Break up those horror scores with a few of these songs(all which are linked if you want to hear them.  Lou Reed The Halloween Party, Oingo Boingo It’s a Dead Man’s Party, Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s DeadDonovan-Season of the WitchMinistry-Everyday is HalloweenWelcome to My Nightmare-Alice CooperNick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Up Jumped the DevilSiouxsie & the Banshees – Spellbound (Extended ’12 Version)Siouxsie & the Banshees-Halloween, Einsturzende Neubauten- Armenia (Play this now, trust me) and Spinnerette – The Walking Dead for that dark rock element.

Maybe Hip Hop is more your ticket.  We have you covered here as well, each of these songs has a self aware quality to them, exposing an affection for the horror genre.   You can start off a bit more typical with Andre 3000-Dracula’s Wedding, and then move into some odder picks with sperratic nerd core.  Schaffer the Darklord Buckets of Blood, Schaffer the Darklord-BOO I’m a Ghost MC Lars & YTCracker-Do The Bruce Campbell, MC Frontalot Invasion of the Not Quite Dead, The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff-A Nightmare on My Street, The Crypt Keeper-Crypt Jam,


Cool songs from Horror Movies you can include are; The Fat Boys-Are You Ready for Freddy, Dokken-Dream Warriors, Gerard McMann – Cry Little Sister, J Giles Band-Fright Night, Brad Fiedel-Come to Me, 45 Grave Night of the Demons, The Ghastly Ones-The Ghastly Stomp,  Creature Feature-Aim for the Head,  Zombie Girl-Brains, Blood and Rock N’ Roll, and if you want that creature feature feel anything by The Cramps, works great.  If you haven’t heard them, they are a band Quentin Tarantino would create for a 50’s style horror flick.  While I’m not a fan Marilyn Manson’s covers of Sweet Dreams and This is Halloween work great hidden in a playlist.

Evil_dead_the_musical_cs (25 of 60)Finally to get you into a high Energy Halloween mood, I strongly suggest the Evil Dead Musical.  This is a wonderful tribute to not only the Sam Raimi Classic, but the horror genre as well.