Many Unleashers have asked Unleash The Fanboy over the years about the inner workings of the Unleash The Fanboy offices but that has always been a well-guarded secret.

Until now…

For the first time ever, Unleash The Fanboy brings you this EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen inside look at what really goes on behind-the-scenes of UnleashTheFanboy.com.

The truth may surprise you.


UnleashTheFanboy Building

What you see here is a photo of the Unleash The Fanboy Building, home to a great metropolitan online news establishment! From inside this building UTF staff work diligently to bring you the finest in nerd culture coverage.


UnleashTheFanboy Broastcast and Video Production Department.

Here we take a look at Unleash The Fanboy’s newest additions to its organization – the UTF Broadcast and Video Production Department. Here at UTF we employ only the best broadcast and video technicians in comics journalism.


UnleashTheFanboy Newsroom.

The backbone – the bread and butter – of Unleash The Fanboy; our newsroom. We have had many a-great memory and storytelling here. There was that one time Steve L spilled coffee on everyone’s computer. Or that other time Michael Moore got arrested for assaulting Blizzard Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development.

Or that time our investigative journalism team had to explain how they were kicked out of a building by a team of adorable security goats. Many of us actually sleep in it from time to time. We have a little nap corner in the back side of the room.


Outside the UTF Office.

In this photo we get a glimpse of the front door that every UTF employee uses every day. Except for Bader Noaimi. He has to climb in through a window. Ultimately, this photo serves to show that UTF employees are normal people just like you. They eat, drink, sleep, walk through front doors.

If only these annoying tourists would stop blocking the entrance with their stupid vacation photography. But it’s just the price of being a world-renowned great metropolitan online news organization!


UTF Office Kitchen

Another photo that proves that UTF employees are just normal people. They use average modern-day kitchen appliances just like everyone else – toasters, microwaves and fridges. They also sit down on chairs and eat on tables.



Unleash The Fanboy’s patented Pong Ping Entertainment System

As part of this EXCLUSIVE look into the secrets of the UTF office, we are taking this chance to give you a sneak preview of Unleash The Fanboy’s latest innovation. Working around the clock, the UTF Science and Research Division, strove to create an office entertainment system like no other – the UTF patented Pong Ping Table!

Complete with netting, new pong ping spherical and physical contact technology and an ionized flat smooth surface, UTF have introduced a completely new form of office entertainment.



Editor Steve L and nameless intern.


Just another day of CBR and Newsarama trying to silence the daring comics journalism of Unleash The Fanboy. In this photo, we see our editor, Steve L and a nameless intern running away from the falling debris of CBR and Newsarama.


Just another day working for Unleash The Fanboy.

Just another day working for Unleash The Fanboy.

Our investigative journalism team knows no fear and goes anywhere the news will take them. There was that time they went to Sweden to investigate Coffee Stain Studios’ use of goats. Or the other time we investigated a PlayStation-related protest involving game disc boxes. We even went on the street to find out what people thought of Blizzard closing the Diablo 3 Auction House.



Days at UTF usually end like this.

Yup, they usually do.

There you have it, everyone! Your first EXCLUSIVE look at the behind-the-scenes workings of Unleash The Fanboy. Remember to keep it UTF for more inside looks into the comics journalism industry.