EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Johnson talks SPOOKED

There’s just a handful of days left before the premiere of SPOOKED, a brand new paranormal comedy series produced by Bad Hat Harry and Geek and Sundry. One of the stars, Ashley Johnson, took time out of her day to speak with us about it.

UTF: So how did you first get involved in the project?

Spooked Ep1 Pilot Still 2Ashley Johnson: I auditioned for it last year and they didn’t have a script yet. They just had the character breakdown and I went in for the first audition and then they called me back. I think it was actually the second call back that I realized Felicia [Day], and Geek and Sundry were involved. I Iove Geek and Sundry, and the content that they put out there. I’ve known Felicia for a super long time, so I was really excited. They had me read with some of the different guys that were reading for the Connor character. And then they cast Julian [Curtis] because he’s awesome, and that was it.

UTF: I want to know more about Morgan, the occult specialist. What can you tell us and our readers about her and how she fits in at P.I.T.?

Spooked Ep1 Pilot Still 1Ashley Johnson: Yeah, Morgan is the resident Wiccan priestess, occult specialist and guardian of the dead. Which I think in her eyes she’s much more of a specialist than I think she actually is, but she means well and puts a lot of heart into it. And she loves to make a connection with whoever the client is and wants to help people with whatever problem they’re having. She’s sincere and I think because of her strong beliefs, as a Wiccan priestess, she has very opposing views with the rest of the team, so hilarity ensues.

UTF: Absolutely because there was one line in the trailer where, I believe, she pulled out a tarot card and it says death to which she responds: “that’s self-explanatory.” It seems like she’s a very straight-forward character.

Ashley Johnson: I think she’s learning as she goes about what she wants to specialize in. Which is the occult and being a Wiccan. She just loves that world and wants to know more. It’s a really fun character; I’ve never played one like her before.

UTF: All right, I want to expand a little bit. Are there any SPOOKED teasers you want to throw our way?

Spooked Screen CaptureAshley Johnson: Yeah there’s four, 22-minute episodes. There’s a love triangle in there, and I think the whole team, they all bring something different to the table. You have Lindsey (Neil Grayston), who’s the science guy, Elliot (Derek Mio) which is kind of the pop culture fanboy, Connor (Julian Curtis), and then you have Piper (Shyloh Ooswald) who’s actually legitimately has a gift. And you know, putting a team together, who is a little bit ill-equipped compared to other paranormal teams, might not the best but as the trailer says: they’re definitely the cheapest.

And I think it’s great, you find out more about how they came together and who they are as people.

UTF: Well, that sounds great. My next question is: if they decide to do more episodes than the initial four, would you be interested in coming back?

Ashley Johnson: Oh, I totally would, we had such an amazing time shooting this and I know so many actors say,”oh it was such a good experience,” but it really was. All of us had such an incredible time. And because we had longer shoot days, we became family and just had a great time and I would totally be on board if we got to shoot more.

UTF: You’ve had a fairly lengthy career from GROWING PAINS to the AVENGERS and now SPOOKED, do you have any favorite jobs or moments along the way?

Avengers Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson: Avengers was pretty awesome, just being a part of a production that was that big and even though a lot of stuff was cut, namely a scene where I got to run through explosions, I’ve never done that before. It was city a block and I just had to book it and hopefully make it through, so that was amazing. 

The Last of Us was another amazing experience to work on just because it was over the course of three years. I formed lifelong friendships with that. Yeah, so those are probably some memorable moments. There are more. Everything that I work on, I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky.

UTF: For anyone that might read this interview and want nothing more than to be say an actor or an actress do you have any advice for them and their burgeoning career?

Spooked Screen Capture BAshley Johnson: Yeah, people always gave me this advice and I think even now it’s the best: acting classes. I think you find more about yourself and the characters that you’re able to play and how you can, I guess in some ways, work with your emotions to bring those to the table for whatever you may be playing. I think that’s mainly the most important thing, you kind of find out who you are as an actor when you take a class. Patience is a good thing and trying to have a thick skin because there is some rejection involved and that’s okay, that’s not a negative thing. It doesn’t mean you failed, but it’s part of it. And, it’s an amazing job!

UTF: One final question. If you were to pitch the show, SPOOKED, to any random fanboy or fangirl what would you say to them?

Ashley Johnson: Oh man, I guess it’s a paranormal comedy. At least from what I’ve seen and got from it, it has a very 1980s era of comedy feel, which I’m a huge fan of, so yeah paranormal comedy.

I want to take the time to thank Ms. Ashley Johnson for chatting with me. It was a real pleasure and I speak for the rest of the staff here as I say: we can’t wait to watch SPOOKED!

So what did you think of the interview my fellow fanboys and fangirls? Are you game for this? Or are you going to skip it when it arrives via Hulu and Youtube on June 4th?

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