Beta Ray Bill was totally in Guardians of the Galaxy. James Gunn chocked the universe-hopping flick with cameos, easter eggs, and other fanservice shenanigans, and among the wealth of goods, our favorite horse-faced alien shined. Well, ‘shined’ is a bit too hyperbolic. Billy-boy really just sat pathetically, inside one of the Collector’s dingy glass containers. Not too impressive for one of Odin’s adopted champions.

I know this picture’s a little pathetic, in that “totally, probably, maybe shot inside of a seedy theatre” type of way, but it’s the best we got. Beta Ray Bill sits in the bottom right corner. You know, where my giant facebook-blue box happens to be. Pretty sweet MS Paint job, right guys? If you want any tips or tricks, don’t hesitate to comment. I’m kinda the best at this whole ‘digital art’ thing.

BETA RAY BILL guardians of the galaxy

Some of you might say “But Big Papa Steve… that’s such a grainy picture. And we can only see the character’s back. It could for sure be someone else?” Sure. I guess you’re right.

But let me ask you this… How many giant, red caped, hammer swinging, orange skinned, horsey-faced characters inhabit Marvel’s mighty pantheon of heroes? Yeah, only one. Hell, if we limit ourselves to weapon toting bald characters, we’d narrow the list to a handful. Orange, bald, and weapon toting? Even fewer. Whether or not James Gunn confirms this characters as Beta Ray Bill or not, the inspiration and the implication remains the same. This is Bill!!!

Still, why the hell is he trapped in a glass container? The dude’s as strong as Thor. Ignoring Joss Whedon’s mishandling of the character in The Avengers, when he was trapped in that stupid glass container (I don’t care how Hulk-resistant glass might be, it’s still just glass!) Thor-strength is too much for the Collector’s containers, and Beta Ray Bill is totally Thor strong.

beta ray bill thor 3