We’ve discussed this in months prior, when the latest leak from the good folks at LucasFilms identified Ian McDiarmid as part of the returning cast, but we’ve received another bit of confirmation today from a reliable source. MarketSaw, a particularly hideous site, but one that first announced that STAR WARS EPISODE 7 and the New Trilogy would soon release, have confirmed that the Emperor Palpatine actor will return.

Hopefully as a Force Ghost or in a flashback. I would be super SUPER pissed if director J. J. Abrams scooped the bottom of the barrel for story ideas, and utilized the Expanded Universe’s piss poor “Clone Emperor” villain in the New Trilogy. Clone Palpatine was an absolute joke (and abuse of Sci-Fi tropes) in the books and he’d be even more laughable in the new movies.

Hmmm, I’d be willing to bet that Emperor Palpatine serves as a malevolent spirit in this flick, much like the original rumor supposed. Like Obi-Wan in The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi, he’d float around that Galaxy far, far away with bad intentions. Cuz he’s a bad dude.

emperor palpatine star wars episode 7This scoopster also reveals that the New Trilogy will focus on a set of twins, one who turns to evil and one who remains the ideal Jedi. Jacen and Jaina Solo? In the original tale of these two Skywalker heirs, an evil Sith Lord perverts Jacen, transforming him into Darth Caedus. In the cinematic version of this tale, could the wandering spirit of Emperor Palpatine mentor Jacen, instead?

I’m definitely, one hundred percent AGAINST this. I want to see a new story, with new villains. Not every single aspect of the Star Wars films must focus on the Skywalkers, their constant struggle to not murder innocent folks, and their eventual redemption.

Sweet Fanboy Jesus! If I controlled the Galactic Senate, I’d pass Order 67, aka “Kill all Skywalkers”. They can only terrorize the universe so much!

Jaina takes on Jacen

Source: MarketSaw