Edgar Wright Quit ANT-MAN Because of CIVIL WAR?

If you haven’t been tuning into the geeky radio waves this week, let me fill you in…

Apparently, Marvel Studios decided to adapt Civil War. For we informed few, this is some pretty huge news. Civil War is the single most divisive tale in Marvel’s mighty annals. This House of Ideas event unfolds in the midst of a Senate struggle. Congress is debating the merits of the Superhero Registration Act, a piece of legislation that would force all superhumans to register their secret identities with the Federal Government. As the big wigs in Washington vacillate in their votes, a group of upstart heroes known as the New Warriors tour the country seeking reality television fame. They pursue a particularly volatile villain, Nitro. He explodes and stuff. Well, the heroes, in their hubris, apprehend the villain, beat him to a pulp, but not before he nukes the entire town. 600 people die in the destruction.

That type of devastation tends to influence political waves, so DC ultimately passes the Registration Act. Iron Man, as the benevolent yet pragmatic face of superheroes, promotes the legislation. His buddy Captain America doesn’t. Good ol’ Capsicle is well aware of the Federal Government’s propensity for corruption **cough** Hydra **cough**. The two icons gather their armies and duke it out over a 7 issue arc.

Civil War

Now, you might be asking yourself “What does this have to do with Edgar Wright?”. Well, the fan favorited director left his long gestating Ant-Man project in the Spring, after 8 years of pre production. Of all the reasons we’ve heard, the most obvious one cited is ‘creative differences’. With Kevin Feige and the rest of the Marvel big wigs, of course.

But how could that be? Marvel Studios is a pretty wacky group. Take one look at Guardians of the Galaxy. The film was an all-out comedy. Not AT ALL what you’d expect of a Superhero property. They afford their directors some pretty gnarly freedoms. As long as they adhere to the basic plot points of the greater universe.

So what chased him away? What plot point could scare Edgar Wright off? It would have to be pretty substantial. I don’t think Wright would mind if Ant-Man was an addition to The Avengers pantheon. So far, those films have been chartered as fun, action romps. Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang would be right at home slugging it out against classic Avengers villains like Kang or Thanos.

But Civil War changes all of that. Marvel Studios will transform at least half of its heroes into villains. Maybe Ant-Man will be one of them. I think he will. To faithfully execute a Civil War flick, Marvel needs to enrich their universe. With other key Civil War characters like Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic at other studios, Marvel’s facing a dearth of familiar faces. They’ll need to rely on each and everyone of their established (and soon to be established) players to create a compelling Civil War. That means Hulk (ignoring Planet Hulk, of course), Dr. Strange, and even Ant-Man will have to pick sides.

I’m willing to bet my shiny Silver Surfer bust (Ditko version) that Ant-Man errs towards Iron Man’s faction. That being the more villainous analogy in the Civil War arc, Scott Lang would transform into a de facto bad guy. Ignoring Lang’s felonious past, the character’s was never a proper villain, so I can TOTALLY understand Edgar Wright’s objection to this plot turn. I’d leave Ant-Man, too. Even though I’d worked on it for 8 years.

So that’s my 2 cents. I think this latest Civil War news potentially reveals why Edgar Wright left Ant-Man.

Or, you know, Marvel might have shoe-horned Ultron into the Ant-Man plot. Wright coulda totally left because of that, too.