East of West #18 Review

Is this continuing narrative still something that needs to be bought and collected? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


The last days of the world are upon us, and one man has become the living word of the apocalypse. This is the story of Ezra Orion and his unholy resurrection.

East of West 18_Preview PageWhat’s made me such a fan of this franchise has been the creative team’s ability to take the standard tropes of science fiction combined with religion while embracing the style of a western. It’s an odd concoction that makes each release feel strange but inviting and this latest round is no different. So in other words: find yourself a quiet corner, sit back and get ready for the end times.

Jonathan Hickman pens the script and the author extraordinaire pushes his players forward. This month we have a prophet, Babylon and Death all vying for their goals while working through their own machinations. Dialogue is the key to quality here, where the sentences themselves offer personality while maintaining the feel of its era within the nature of the apocalypse. There were a few instances where I wanted a bit more progression from the plot but the text still found a way to keep me enthralled despite these minor wishes for additional oomph.

Beyond the atmosphere born from the intent of the written word Nick Dragotta nails the visual world of this exciting epic. Each panel offers up just enough space for the mind to look on in awe, while giving details that invite even the most discerning eye. And when the colors by Frank Martin come into play this alternate reality plagued by the Horsemen and their Chosen seamlessly pops with life. In short: buy it for the arc but keep it in pristine condition for the pretty pictures.

East of West #18 continues to traverse the depths of this twisted version of our world while offering up enough material to keep fans coming back. To sum up: after eighteen issues this is still a comic series that manages to come recommended.

  • + Orion.
  • + Outstanding art!
  • + Death journeys ever onward.
  • - Wanted more oomph from the story...

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