Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Well… neither can I, but if I had a pair of super powered nostrils, I suppose I’d sniff a massive news scoop. We’ve long known that the Thespian Formerly Known as Rock (Dwayne Johnson) desires a role in DC’s Cinematic Universe. He’s a bigger than life figure, and regardless of acting talent, he could sufficiently portray any number of superheroes. Besides Bryan Singer’s X-Men and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, current caped crusaders’ don’t exactly ‘bring the gravitas’.

Well, while hitting the press rounds for his upcoming Grecian epic Hercules, Johnson revealed that he’s 100% cast in DC’s movies. Not only that, but his character will be just as mighty as Superman. Oh, and then Johnson pretty much spills the beans by saying “Just say one word.”

Shazam! Dwayne Johnson is Shazam! Here’s the video.

There’s no other hero for him. And make no mistake, Dwayne Johnson will most definitely play a hero. Even though he’s a badass brawler, I don’t imagine he’s the type for a one-and-done villain role. Not only that, but Shazam is the only other DC hero rumored to star in his very own solo adventure. The rest of DC’s superheroes will share the silver screen with at least one other caped do-gooder, just like Batman and Superman in Dawn of Justice.

dwayne johnson shazam

Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
  • Marcell Hines

    Well Black Adam says “Shazam” too so…idk. Plus I honestly can’t see Rock playing Shazam.

    • 1LM

      Exactly, what Dwayne said is

      “I will say this. There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce very soon that I’m going to play, and I’ll just say this… this character has the power of Superman, he can throw down. Just say the word. That all I’m going to say.”

      It can also be applied to Black Adam as well.

  • VirgilHawkins

    I really don’t see how he could be Shazam, when he is clearly a perfect fit for Black Adam

  • johnny dela cruz

    love to see The Rock as Captain Marvel 😛

  • ʝoe Ģnaśher ßloggs

    Lots of waffling going on there in that interview…
    His laugh at the end was diabolical!

  • http://villageatheist.net/ Jay Calendine

    The Rock is a terrible choice to play any character that isn’t a buffoon. The author dismisses the need for acting talent, above, in an obvious nod to the fact that this guy has none. He was rumored for a Lobo movie a long time ago, and as much as I want that character to come to life on the big screen, this guy’s involvement would have killed it on arrival. My two cents.