Dragon Ball Z Kai Returns this April!


Well it’s about damn time! It was announced earlier today in the April issue of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine that Dragon Ball Z Kai, or Dragon Ball Kai as it’s known in Japan, will be airing on Japan’s Fuji T.V. on April 6th. This “new age of Kai” as V Jump calls it will cover the long awaited Majin Buu saga.

For those unaware, Dragon Ball Z Kai condenses the original anime to follow more closely to the manga by Akira Toriyama. The show also boasts remastered footage, re-recorded soundtrack, and some scenes were updated with newer effects and re-animated footage. The original run of the series followed the Saiyan through Cell sagas.

The show was dubbed and distributed by Funimation in the United States and was broadcast on Nicktoons and is currently being broadcast onPoster_Promo_Dragon_Ball_Z_Kai Vortexx, the CW’s  and Saban Brands early Saturday morning block.

The show will premiere at 9 a.m., taking over Toriko’s timeslot. While no official word has been giving on an international release, Australian anime distributor Madman Entertainment announced on their facebook page in November:

“DBZ Kai buu Saga should be released sometime [in 2014]. We’re just waiting on dubs etc to be finished.”

Kyle Hebert and Sean Schemmel (the voices of Adult Gohan and Goku respectively in the Funimation english dub) announced last April that they were currently working on dubbing the show.

While not a big fan of the Buu Saga myself, I will be watching the show when it airs to see what changes were made.

What about you DBZ fans? Will you be watching for the show’s return? Or are you tired of the same thing over and over?

Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ANN

Update: Funimation currently has no plans to dub the next season of Kai.

Thanks to Derek Padula for the news.