We’ve landed the very first picture of the super, duper, mutant dinosaur from Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World and I gotta say… not what I expected. When we first heard rumors of a freak-of-science monster, the mighty sleuths of the interwebs claimed it was a many limbed, serpent necked, vulture taloned Frankenstein. Trevorrow quickly took to the the larger film websites to set our wild fanboy hearts at ease. Nothing worse than angry geeks berating your film before it ever release (ahem, Quicksilver haters, I’m looking at you). He claimed his new Jurassic antagonist was nothing stranger than anything we’ve seen in previous films. After looking at this first picture of the mighty Diabolus-Rex, my fanboy rage is officially checked.

Besides the horrendous name, which is oh-so formula tic (something demonic = the coolest villain ever!), this beastie is quite a satisfying addition to the Jurassic family.

diabolus rex

Not so bad, right? I remember playing with a badass Alysaraus toy when I was a tiny tot. It was one of those unreasonably expensive toys from the zoo’s souvenir shop. That oh-so-sweet $30 hunk of plastic that my parents were obliged to buy!


Source: Twitter