Dexter “Every Silver Lining” Review

Full Spoilers Below

America’s favourite serial killer Dexter aired it’s second episode of season 8 last night only to be directed by star Michael C. Hall. This weeks episode leapt straight into Dexter and Dr. Vogel’s past, and as I called in last week’s review, we discover that Dr. Vogel did in fact create ‘The Code’. We also see that this season’s “big bad” is again a serial killer, who Dr. Vogel believes was a patient of hers. He’s a tad creepy, leaving brain tissue at Vogel’s house, and as we see in the final minutes, not actually killing anyone himself. Yep, a serial killer who forces other people to do the killing, and then pins the blame on them before killing them… it’s another unique pull for Dexter’s final season, but with so many other plot points going on, will it be special?

Speaking of the other plot points, Deb’s life is still in the sewer. Since season 7’s finale Deb has begun to deteriorate into a lower and lower person, and it’s all Dexter’s fault. She’s took to an all new low again this week, she’s officially a murderer.

Remember that hitman from last week El Sapo? She got in a fight with him so she just gunned him down, didn’t even occur to her, well I hope Dexter’s happy with what’s he’s done to his sister, because I find it sad to watch how Deb was a Lt. and now she’s gone nuts.

This season just keeps getting better and better, it was great to have Michael C. Hall direct an episode before he finishes up the show for good, to be honest this episode was pretty flawless! I’m giving it a rating of