DEXTER “Are We There Yet?” Review

Eight weeks and eight episodes in, these were the times in past seasons where Dexter truly shined. Thankfully, it’s starting to again, but slowly. This episode starts where it left off last week, at the scene of Cassie’s murder. I dunno if i’m just crazy with my conspiracy theory, but Masuka is the first character we see this week. Weird. But on to the episode. As it has for the last couple of weeks, it’s still continuing to have Hannah in there. So i’m gonna address the ending right now, it’s weird for a review, I know. But i’m weird. So, long story short, after successfully getting a plan together for Hannah to leave the country, she ain’t leaving. I know, there there, take a deep breath and then sigh it all out. I was annoyed too. Not only did we get treated to another pointless and boring sex scene, but Dexter didn’t seem to give two shits that Zach got murdered by the real brain surgeon.

That’s right folks, the real brain surgeon is still out there. We know nothing about him and there’s only four episodes left. I can tell this is gonna be killer. (sarcasm, and the pun was intended) Except Dexter doesn’t seem to kill anymore. He’s killed exactly zero people on his table this season, it’s disappointing.

As a viewer I was really annoyed that Dexter didn’t give a crap about Zach after he was killed. The reason being that he was at his best this week. I actually wasn’t that keen on Zach in previous episodes, but this week he was great. He made his own kill-room, killed a person (with the code, he decided to kill a bad person himself) and then was taken from this earth too young, alas. And Dexter doesn’t care, well he did, except that the exact moment he knew Zach was dead, it was like he gave zero fucks and forgot all about him.

I was gonna put a good screenshot from the episode here, but then I saw that Dr. Vogel has some sort of lamp fetish

And what about Debra, well Deb went on some manhunt crusade to find Hannah McKay and then abandoned it when Dex showed up. And now she’s gonna go back to being a cop, never saw that coming. (sarcasm again)

So, did anything interesting happen this week besides Zach? No. Absolutely not. Granted, Masuka was funny, but that’s it really.

Another boring reflection of this episode is that Dexter seems to think that he’ll ride off into the sunset with Hannah when the brain surgeon is dealt with. Not in a bajillion years. So, another boring week of what used to be one of the best TV shows going. I give it a disappointing score (again) of…


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