DC Are Making ANOTHER TV Show – A Comedy

When it comes to superhero movies and shows, the vast majority have been dramas or action-comedies. That’s pretty much what the genre is so why stray from that? The comics have in the past, but it looks as if DC are going to be the first to dip their toes in the water on screen, as Deadline reports that they’ve partnered up with NBC once again to produce a half-hour comedy show.

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It’s called Powerless, and is set inside the worst insurance companies in America which also happens to be within the DC Universe. If you hadn’t guessed from the title, it’s going to follow your average joes who don’t have any fancy superpowers to boast of. The concept is pretty interesting and it could be a huge hit for the network like The Office and Community were, however there are a few little niggles I have. There are currently three different “DC Universes” on television; the CW’s is the most expansive with Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow all airing or coming soon. Fox has Gotham and CBS will be screening Supergirl this fall. Then there’s the actual movie universe on top of that, meaning audiences will be treated to four different worlds and iterations of favourite characters. Can they put up with a fifth?

It might become a little too convoluted for people by that point, which begs the question of why this isn’t airing on the CW instead. NBC cancelled Constantine after one season (although he’s found a new home on Arrow) which doesn’t necessarily bode well for any other DC-inspired shows, however they have had lots more success with half-hour workplace comedy in the past. The CW would surely be a better home considering their universe is already fully-functional, and a show like this would fit right in.

Unless it’s actually set inside the world of the movies, in which case most of my criticism can be ignored completely.


This is a cool idea – even if it sounds a little like Marvels and Damage Control. But hey, if Marvel isn’t gonna make a show about those comics then DC might as well. Imagine what things would have been like after the Battle of Metropolis, or when the Batmobile crashes into the side of a building. There’s a lot of interesting angles and storylines that could be played out, so I’m hoping that Powerless is a hit.