Daniel Day-Lewis to be in Star Wars?

This is not a joke. According to sources Daniel Day-Lewis has been in talks with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy about his involvement in an upcoming new movie. What movie the talks were about is unknown, but the people involved point towards Episode VII. For those who don’t know Kennedy has been a major factor for the new Star Wars (she helped bring in JJ Abrams) and Lucas is a “creative consultant” for the film. Who Day-Lewis could play is limitless. He is recognized as one of the greatest actors of all time, and his three Academy Awards back that statement.

Adding Day-Lewis to the list of actors that have been rumored for Episode VII shows Disney’s desire for a very well acted Star Wars film. Both Saoirse Ronan and Benedict Cumberbatch have been linked to the movie and are both critically acclaimed actors (Ronan has an Oscar nomination to her name). It seems that the producers do not want to make the same mistakes that was Hayden Christensen. Only quality actors and actresses this time.

I am having a hard time imagining Daniel Day-Lewis in a space/action/adventure movie. If you look at his track record he rarely does anything that isn’t a very serious movie. He has always picked his movies very carefully and has rarely (or never in my own opinion) made a mistake. Day-Lewis joining the cast will immediately make this movie into a one surrounded by Oscar buzz, something the other Star Wars haven’t had since Episode IV.

Sound Editing and Art Direction doesn’t count

While there is nothing confirmed about any of this, the idea of Daniel Day-Lewis as a Jedi is just amazing. He would be perfect in the role. Add in Cumberbatch and Ronan and you have an outstanding cast. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that this fantasy comes true.

Source: entertainment.ie