COMMUNITY “Intro To Felt Surrogacy” Review


As usual I clicked on the play button for Community with much skepticism, because season 4 so far hasn’t really delivered. However, 5 minutes into “Intro To Felt Surrogacy” and that skepticism had left the room, mainly because of Jim Rash’s hilarious character The Dean. From the very beginning there are many laughs to be had but what struck me from the start was Chevy Chase’s absence, we know it was his last filmed episode, and we’re still waiting for the reason that Pierce leaves. Even though we’ll probably never see Pierce again it was good to hear him say “Damn you, Vicki!”  as he took a final swipe at his nemesis.


All in all this was a great episode that felt like one of the brave moves that Community pulled from previous seasons. I think that “Intro To Felt Surrogacy” could be the game changer that turns season 4 around, it would be so disappointing to not see a season 5 renewal after this wonderful display of  hilarity that the new showrunners CAN pull off.

I implore you, if you watch any episode from season 4, watch this one. Okay, so maybe they oversold The Dean‘s love for Jeff, and maybe there wasn’t enough “Kevin“, but we did get a little reference to Professor Duncan‘s absence and that was really nice to see, but the thing i’m worried about is, what the hell is gonna happen with Pierce?


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