Clara isn’t Falling in Love Again on DOCTOR WHO

Doctor and Clara

A common staple of modern Doctor Who companions is a love interest who will usually end up as a companion themselves. Rose Tyler had Mickey in the Russell T. Davies era (whom Martha Jones ended up marrying), Amy Pond had Rory and last year Clara Oswald had Danny Pink. While Danny didn’t become a full-fledged companion he appeared in several episodes of Series 9 and played a major role, leading up to his tragic demise and Cyberman-conversion in the finale.

Speaking to YouTuber Yal Tygiel at Comic-Con recently (yup – we’re STILL picking up on news from that), Jenna Coleman confirmed that Clara will “absolutely not” have a new love interest while further commenting on how the whole ordeal changed her.

“I think what was done to Clara has changed her whole perspective on life and she no longer has the ties to Earth that she had before. She just wants to be in the TARDIS, hang out with the Doctor and have that be her world.”

(via Den of Geek)

There are a few more interesting quotes in the video, so do watch it, including a hint that Clara may not be with the Doctor all season…

Doctor Who Last Christmas (5)

What I find with Doctor Who fans is that a lot of them don’t really understand how writing works, or even making the show itself. This is especially apparent with their cries for a blockbuster movie about the Time War starring Paul McGann which they assure everybody will be a hit (ha!) but also when dealing with the characters themselves. A lot of people say that Clara’s day in the sun is over and it’s time for a new companion when we only really got to know her last season. How, then, is it time for her to move on? I love Clara’s character and I love Jenna Coleman – not just because I’m going to marry her one day – and I want to see her grow to her full potential, and it’s awesome to hear the team behind the show talking about how everybody changes from Series 8.

After the amazing trailer and all of the other news to come out of Comic-Con, I couldn’t be more excited for the next series, hitting your television set this September.