I love me some ‘Bacca!

According to some Star Wars Episode 7 sleuths, Peter Mayhew, the 7 foot thespian who portrayed Chewbacca in the Original Trilogy, will return to the silver screen as that space faring Sasquatch yet again. While Mayhew’s been debilitated in recent years due to joint and limb pain, the site suggests that Mayhew will start filming in May.

If true, I hope director J. J. Abrams utilizes a dash (I repeat, only a DASH!) of CGI to bring Chewbacca to the New Trilogy. While we’re all in agreement that George Lucas used too much CGI in the Prequels, relying on practical effects alone, especially for Chewbacca who’s nothing more than a man in a suit, would be a little bizarre. How about a full bacca suit with CGI for mouth and facial expressions? A light spritz of CGI for muscle movement as well?

If Chewbacca will have a large role in Episode 7, I doubt Mayhew will be cast. Perhaps his role in Episode 7 is an out of suit cameo. He could easily portray a random human alien, much like George Lucas’s own son, who cameo’d as a young Jedi in the Prequels.

Or, perhaps Mayhew will portray an older, slower Chewbacca. If he’s a Grandpa Wookie, then Mayhew could easily slide into the Bigfoot suit for one more go around.

Again, take all of this with a grain of salt. Nothing’s been confirmed, and J.J. Abrams is annoyingly secretive with his films, often going as far as to lie about the nature of his projects. (SPOILERS) Remember how he claimed Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness?

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