Check Out The New JURASSIC WORLD Dinosaur!

Praise the Geeky Gods, fanboys and fangirls. It looks like Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow will continue JP’s devotion to practical effects. Robot dinosaurs, everyone!

We’ve scored one of the first pictures of these new critters thanks to our friends at SciFied, so go ahead and take a gander below:

jurassic world dinosaur picture

Not so bad, right? If you remember the third movie in the Jurassic Park Trilogy, you’ll recall the awkwardly feathered raptors who pestered Dr. Grant and his team. Even though those iterations of Dinosaurs were more accurate than the classical scaled version we all know and love, they’re pretty lame. Nothing shatters their menacing appearance like a few Partridge feathers dangling from their cranium.

Thankfully, Trevorrow’s been pretty adamant about returning Jurassic World to their pre-CGI roots. The dinosaurs will embrace Steve Spielberg’s original vision, historical inaccuracies and all.

Although, the one saving grace of the original films, and the only reason that the current scaled version of the monsters remains functional, is the use of amphibian DNA in the cloning process. Sine the original dinosaurs were created using toad genetics (to fill in the missing gaps, and everything) our current Dino’s are an amalgamation of a few different species. Citing this concoction as the cause of their anachronistic appearance is a convenient excuse, and certainly one that salvages Spielberg’s first two flicks.

Source: scified