CBS’s Elementary, A Rip Off of Sherlock?

Sherlock Holmes is a hot commodity at the moment. Between his silver screen adventures under the direction of Guy Ritchie and the BBC’s television show Sherlock led by Benedict Cumberbatch (which also features a very Bilbo Baggins-esque Martin Freeman as Watson), the much beloved inspector is nearly everywhere, and as a viewer, it’s almost exhausting.

Well, the good ol’ USA has decided to cast the die of fate with CBS’s modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hero in a series called Elementary. Starring Johnny Lee Miller as the eccentric sleuth and Lucy Liu in the role of a gender bending Watson, the show has stirred up quite a fuss. Besides being a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of that other chrono-mashing Holmes story (you know… that BBC show I just mentioned), Elementary seems like it will tip the fickle scales of viewer enthusiasm towards indifference.

Check out the preview below and you can decide for yourself.  Rip off?  Or a welcome addition to your DVR?