Captain Picard is a Single Lady

Are you ready to have your eyes completely and thoroughly assaulted by one of the weirdest video mash-ups of all time? If you answered yes, then allow me to present the Captain Picard Single Ladies dance video. At this point I would usually give you a nice little summary before showing you the video, but need I say more?

The stop-motion animation might not be the greatest, but I still feel like one of my favorite childhood idles has had his pride raped right in front of my eyes.

Poor Captain Picard!!! I imagine he had to turn to burlesque shows for income after he lost his job during the Federation’s huge military budget cuts.  Even though it might seem shameful, Data told me that Cap’s never been happier.  I guess there was always a tiny Single Lady inside of his heart the entire time.  The more you know…

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