Actress Dale Dickey has been cast as a mysterious new character in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. A Hollywood veteran, Dickey was last seen on the silver screen in Super 8 and before that, the academy award nominated Winter’s Bone, but I still remember her best for kicking Jesse Pinkman’s ass in Breaking Bad.

This is all she’d reveal in a recent interview:

“I’m filming now. That’s it. They asked my agent not to put anything in the trades when I was cast over a month ago, so they are trying to keep as much mystery as possible.” (July 27)

While Dickey is best known for playing rough and tumble characters, she’s more than capable of pulling off a sexy mature vixen.

So who do you think she’ll be? The Mandarin’s mistress? A laser beam shooting villain? OR, according to the recent trailer description, will she be Tony Stark’s therapist?

Whatcha think?

SOURCE: knoxnews